Should I see a dietitian?

Our expertise allows us to treat anyone and everyone interested in forming a healthier relationship with food. You do not have to have an eating disorder to benefit from nutrition therapy!

Our team has  years of experience with:

  • All ages

  • All genders

  • All eating disorders

  • General nutrition

  • Sports nutrition

  • Medical nutrition therapy 

I may need a dietitian if:

I eat differently than the rest of my family

My eating is very ritualized

I compare what I eat to what others eat

I hide food

I hide food so I can binge

I believe there are good foods/bad foods

Food seems to be controlling my life

I avoid foods if I don’t know its nutritional content

I tend to jump from diet to diet

I feel out of control with dieting/eating

I do not know how to nourish my body appropriately

I want to learn about general nutrition

I'm upset if I eat foods I didn't plan on eating

I'm upset if I am unable to eat at a certain time

I count calories

I count grams of fat, protein or carbs

I cut my food into small pieces

I weigh/measure my food

I refuse to eat after a certain hour

I eat the same foods daily

I’m scared to try new foods

I won't eat if I don’t know how food was prepared

I won’t eat in front of others

I use compensatory behaviors to "undo" food

I'm unsure how to eat for my sport

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