5 Things to Do in Nashville on a Rainy Day

Hey y'all! If you know me, you know I love traveling. And to be honest, I almost always have something on the books. From weekend road trips to weeklong international getaways. I was bit by the wanderlust bug at a young age, and I can't shake it. So, I figured it'd be fun to share some of tips, tricks, and experiences with y'all. Stay tuned for more blog posts like these!

This last weekend I had a girls weekend in #Nashvegas! Over the years, some of my best friends have moved all over the country, so we make it a priority to vacation together at least once a year to catch up. Upon arriving to Nashville, we were quickly met with thunderstorms and a tornado siren. Our hopes of walking up and down Broadway were not going to be a reality with this kind of weather. We got creative and had a BLAST this weekend, therefore I wanted to share what we did in Nashville when it rains.

1. Go to an indoor brewery

Friday, while we were waiting for everyone to arrive, my friend Liz and I headed over to a brewery we yelped on the east side (The Filling Station East). It was a tiny little place with friendly people. Turns out every Friday is #BaconFriday at this brewery! We soon shared the BEST bacon of my life and friendship bread (that took 2 weeks to make- chocolate and pistachio) with some new friends. We sat around played cards, as well as other boards games, and had a blast! There's plenty of distilleries and breweries in Nashville, so you could totally find one near you too.

2. Get a massage

Ok, so saturday morning we were really hopefully to go hiking...I think you see where this is going. Yup, rain again We didn't feel like day drinking at 9am, so we put our brains together and found a reflexology place called Bucca! It was $60 for a 1 hour foot massage, and let me tell ya it was a really great hour (They also have a $35 for 30min option). First you kneel in one of those massage chairs where they work out knots you didn't even know you had, and then you sit in this cloud of a recliner chair while they rub your feet and head. I felt like a newborn child afterwards without a worry in the world.

3. Find an indoor live music venue

Later that day we knew we wanted to venture to town, but definitely didn't want to fight the crowds of Broadway like we attempted the night before. There's SO many options in Nashville to listen to live music, and we wanted to explore other alternatives. After a stop at Puckett's for, we headed on over to Midtown where we bounced around various venues/bars: Winners and Losers, Red Door Saloon, DawgHouse, and Tin Roof. There is a lot of options super close together, so even if the rain does try to ruin your parade, the walk to the next spot is a short one. And just for the record, the coordinated dance moves of the band at Tin Roof Saturday night were killer, definitely our favorite spot.

4. Brunch

What else completes a girl's weekend like a good brunch?! Some brunch places don't take reservations or get busy fast, so expect to wait for the good places. We chose Milk + Honey in The Gulch, but were a little disappointed when we found out our table wouldn't be ready for an hour and a half. Yikes! Luckily, they have a bakery and coffee shop inside. So, we grabbed some pastries and drinks and posted up to wait for our table. There's plenty to do in the area while you wait i.e. murals for photo-ops, shops, etc. However, if it's raining there is an indoor area right next to the restaurant that's air-conditioned and has restrooms!

5. Rest

Lastly, vacations don't always have to mean go, go go! We spent a few hours on the couch listening to podcasts, talking, and watching Parks & Rec. Sometimes a little down time is just what you need before heading to a crowded, busy airport. Don't be afraid to give yourself this permission. Our daily lives are scheduled and busy enough, might as well rest when you get a little down time.

Hope these tips help if you find yourself in Nashville on a rainy weekend! We still had a blast regardless of the weather, so there's no reason you can't too!

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