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Emily Travis


Founder & CEO 

Hi I'm Emily! I am passionate about making nutrition practical and realistic. With society's mixed messages about food, exercise, and body image, it‘s difficult to know what to do for your health and wellness. Growing up as an athlete gave me an initial interest in food and nutrition, but it wasn't until my sports season ended that that interest became disordered. Through forming my own healthier relationship with food, I realized I wanted to help others do the same work as well. 

I received a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition Sciences from Baylor University in 2014 and a Masters in Public Health from the University of Texas School of Public Health in 2016. I am also a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist on behalf of the International Associate of Eating Disorder Professionals and serves as a 2019-2021 board member for Houston Eating Disorder Specialists.


My experience includes working at multiple levels of eating disorder treatment, as well as providing nutrition education to various middle schools, high schools, masters level programs and the Houston Ballet Academy.

I was born and raised in Houston, TX and am an Ennegram 2w3! On the weekends I can be found playing sand volleyball with my friends, trying out the latest restaurants, or playing with my dog Luna.

Linsey Steele, RD

Hi there, I’m Linsey! Growing up I didn’t always feel at peace with food or in my body. Diet culture sets unrealistic standards about how people should look and what their relationship with food should be like. I practice through a lens that recognizes and appreciates Health At Every Size and integrates Intuitive Eating. I believe all foods fit and can be incorporated with variety and balance in a way that best makes sense for you. Together we can find a sustainable solution to eating which fits your needs.


I grew up in the heart of Houston and I received my Bachelors of Nutrition Sciences from the University of Houston in 2019, and I completed my Dietetic Internship with the University of Houston’s Distance Program. While obtaining my degree I spent my time working at the Medical Center for Eating Disorders alongside Jennifer Nagel, PA and Dr. Edward Tyson who both specialize in treating the medical complications of eating disorders. I have experience working with people of all ages and backgrounds.


I am passionate about working with eating disorders, disordered eating, body respect and acceptance, and intuitive eating using a non-diet approach. I will help guide and support you in healing your relationship with food and your body. I’m so excited to be a part of the amazing team at We All Eat and I look forward to working with the Houston community!

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